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            integrity devotion unity creativity

            Develop and manufacture excellent mould products,to make “JINGGONG MOULD”become a brand of chinese mould with international recognition, and be dedicated to serving the glass industry and supporting local economic growth. Persuit of international advanced technology,Continuously lifting quality standard, Meet customer higher quality requirment by scientific management and continuous improvement

            • Bottle series
            • Cosmetic series
            • Containers series
            • Accessories series

            07月 17
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            Corporate style
            01月 03
            “Celebrate the New Year, Establish th...
            “Celebrate the New Year, Establish the New Spirit”&nbs...
            02月 25
            Jinggong Mould Management Training Prog...
            2016-2017 Jinggong Mould Management Training Program The mid-le...
            02月 24

            • TEL:+86-512-52506575
            • FAX:+86-512-52579166
            • P.C.:215559
            • E-MAIL:[email protected]
            • ADD:Shajiabang Town East, Changshu, Jiangsu, China